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Women On Top

Join filmmaker Sharine Atif on her quest to empower women to climb to the top of their potential and fight the forces that try to keep them down. Rawr!

Women of Egypt unite! Filmmaker Sharine Atif is hosting a fundraiser called Women On Top on June 11, to raise funds for her video project series entitled A Way Out.

Atif herself has an interesting story to tell, with her beginnings in a slum in Cairo, struggling against repression and patriarchy, she hopes to inspire women to question the forces that keep them shackled through her films.

Atif told us that the fundraiser aims to gather enough funds to "produce a series of short films on brave Egyptian women who stand up for what they want.

"So far we have raised ($4,276) which is 42% of our target and we have exactly 10 more days to raise the rest.

"The event is taking place during the last 2 days of the online crowd fund campaign… so for those who prefer not to make online donations can pay cash in person and enjoy a line up of sassy performances and gift items that will be on auctioned and for sale."

The event will take place on the roof if The District in Maadi, and the description invited people to witness "sassy feminine performances to support other women to climb up ON TOP."