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You'll Never Have to Do Housework Again with These 4 Egyptian Apps

Gone are the days where you have to pretend you're a handy(wo)man or call numerous repairmen to fix your broken AC.

You'll Never Have to Do Housework Again with These 4 Egyptian Apps

Not that you don’t already know, but technology has very much made its way into every aspect of our lives. We get our food using Otlob, move around with Uber, and (sometimes) find human connection via Tinder – so it’s only natural to want things like getting your light bulb fixed or sorting out your leaked pipes with a push of a button.


Whether you need a carpenter, technician or someone to just install your tile floors, Fixawy's team of repairmen offer endless services that will have you not work on anything at home again.  

Starting price: 50 EGP 


Family's out of town? You threw a party you shouldn't have? The place is an absolute mess? Worry not because Kheddma will be at your service to make damn sure your place looks brand new. 

Starting price: 20 EGP 



You can literally find a sanai3ey for whatever it is your house is suffering from. House needs to get repainted? Yes. Broken sink? Yes. Your heart hurts because the remote to your TV screen is lost forever and you haven't been able to Netflix and chill for the past week? YAAAAS!

Starting price: 50 EGP


Think Uber but for cleaners. Mermaid's team of, well, maids will come to your house or company's rescue and make it spotless. 

Starting price: 220 EGP