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Billie in The Forest: The Genius of Juice

Creating custom fruit and vegetable juice that actually taste GOOD, Billie in the Forest is one of the cutest brands we've seen pop up in Cairo for some time. We talk to founder Billie Radwan to find out more...

When we think Billie in the Forest, it conjures up an image in our heads of a girl with a flower crown frolicking around some trees, gathering nuts and fruits and picking berries off bushes, a troupe of butterflies circling around her head all the while. Which is not exactly the case but we think we got pretty close, what with the fruits and whatnot.

Billie in the Forest hits one of the latest trends on the head; juicing. The brand packs your daily vitamin dose into cute little bottles that contain a mixture of pressed fruits and veggies. Started by Billie Radwan last October, the idea came about after a retreat with Nun Center. “After the retreat I started making juices for myself at home. Soon they asked me to make the juices for them,” she explains. One thing lead to another and with a little help from her friends, the brand was born. Essentially, it focuses on two main factors; juices that taste good while also giving your body the specific vitamins it needs.

Radwan creates a programme for each customer, tailor made to suit their individual needs. She doesn’t just toss fruits and veggies into a blender willy nilly; she knows how each ingredient affects your body and creates individualised juices based on what each person requires. “Anyone can juice – you just stick some fruits in a blender,” she says simply, “But we’re not a shop; we’re a concept. There’s a lot of one on one involved so that we can tailor the juices to suit your needs – both your preferred tastes and your physical requirements.” For instance, certain ingredients will boost energy, others will help with constipation, others still will hinder conception – and Radwan has done her research – she knows which to avoid and which to emphasise in order to maximise the positive effects of the juice.


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Despite this, she doesn’t encourage going on juice fasts. “A juice fast may work for a week in Gouna – if your body tells you it’s tired, you can head to bed. But it’s not the same when you’re back to reality in Cairo. I don’t condone letting juices replace all your meals – only one meal a day and a snack.” Customising the creations for her customers has lead to rave reviews. “It’s a bit of shock to the system you know, for soda-and-chips people, but so many people I’ve worked with have told me how they feel so much better after drinking the juices for a while. You stop cravings things, your mood is better, you have better skin…and better bowel movements,” she adds with a laugh, “People just get better with good food.”

The brand is opening up its very first physical branch in Palm Hills next Monday the 18th of May, which will also sell other forest-y things like natural soap, granola bars, wicker baskets. Cuuuute. Plus, with Ramadan right around the corner, they’ve got some cute concoctions coming up that go with the traditional vibe of the month; “we’re working on stuff with like hibiscus and prunes.”

So pop by their branch in Palm Hills, opening next week, or get your juices the interwebs way, if you feel like feeling all healthy and happy and glowy and all that good stuff.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @billieintheforest.