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QUIZ: Tell Us What Kind of Egyptian You Are and We'll Tell You What Car You Drive

Everything you have can tell a long, detailed story about who and what you are, and your wheels aren’t any different.

You’re feeling quite peckish and your food means the world to you, so you go to order…

Well would you look at that, friendo; you have some free time on your hands. What’ll it be?

You’re about to get some quality time in the sheets, your preferred M.O is…

Well that sucks; you’re about to die really bad, what’s your thought process like?

What is your favourite season of Seinfeld?

Realistically speaking, if you had exactly $30,599.99, what would you spend it on?

Oftentimes your friends will describe you as…

What do you look for the most when purchasing an automobile?

What do you do after signaling a left turn?