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Span Marketing; Your One Stop Hub for Interior Design

Interior design is not just an art and science, it is a combination of intrinsic talents, tastes and most importantly a soul. All of which need a mastermind to pull all the strings of the show, and that's where Span Marketing for Interior Design come in.

Upon entering the home-like showroom, I was embraced by a gentle whiff of vanilla and peaches and cream. Then I found myself floating amongst patterns of flowers and colours in a world of white dreams.

In short, I wanted to move in.

This is Egypt’s hub for the active interior design scene, connecting designers, suppliers, contractors, and clients, forming an unusual, hassle free and rather pleasant experience for anyone who wants to do anything related to the interior design of their home.

Span Marketing Egypt, is actually the most artistic, and creative interior design agency you can come across. The family business has been around for 2 years now, and are a franchise from Jordan’s original agency which opened up in 1988.

Although turnkey projects are their pride and joy, it is not the one all and end all. Maybe you just want to refurbish a couch and want unique designer fabrics like Sanderson, Manuel Canovas, Stroheim, Morris and Co. , and Studioart. Maybe you just want curtains or a complete curtain system like Silent Gliss. Or maybe you have a problem with your furnished home and want to consult someone on what to do to make it more of a home or a space that suits your psychology. No matter what you want, you will find it. Their endless options of eclectic fabrics, range in every colour, pattern, and texture you can possibly imagine.

Their area of expertise and passion is delivering turnkey projects. This interior design haven is literally your one-stop shop for setting up your home whoever you are and wherever your taste falls across the broad spectrum of themes.

The amazing sense of comfort you get isn’t just because of the aesthetics and scent of the place, but also meeting designers who have a deep and practical understanding of art, impeccable taste, and a unique way of connecting with you. The plethora of fabrics, colours and tastes is engulfing, warm, and soothing. It gives the word ‘home’ the depth it deserves. If you’re not comfortable or happy or at ease of mind in your own home, where will you find your balance and inner peace?

Although you can walk in and talk to a designer or browse the multitude of high quality fabrics and wall paper they have on offer, your best bet is to make an appointment. That way you have a designer’s utmost attention for anything between 2 to 6 hours, depending on what your needs are.

All you have to do is walk in empty handed or with random clippings and pictures of things that attracted you in some magazine or another. Blurt out your budget to them, they work with any budget, and then they will take it from there.

It’s a beautiful experience focusing on you. The designer will ask you questions, show you photos, samples of fabrics, slowly building up an idea of who you are as an individual or family. You will be asked if you have pets, children, or special needs all of which influence the overall design of a beautiful and functional home.  Not to mention questions relating to the rooms you spend most time in, and where the light is coming from at various times of the day.

With the information you provide, they provide impeccable guidance. They read you. Moreover they never ever offer things you don’t need since their objective is not money, but fulfilling their own creative passion and desire to create spaces with various identities to suit people from very different walks of life. “It’s in our blood. We prioritise the design over the business” says Creative Head Reya Al Muhtasib. You can put absolute trust in them, since there is no conflict of interest. They even offer you cheaper alternatives and ideas on saving money.

It doesn’t matter what type of person you are, whether you want to go every day to the flat to oversee what’s happening, or whether you don’t want to see a thing until it’s absolutely done, they accommodate you.

To cut a long story short they can help you with any problem you might have according to your budget. Their flexibility is endless. You can even be a person with multiple tastes and interests that you might think contradict one another. However, they somehow find a way to make it all work together and provide you with harmony.

In my opinion, if you want to do anything to your home and feel you need help, these passionate creative, and trendy people are your new best friends.


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