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9 Egyptian Halloween Costumes to Try This Year

Because we should be drawing inspiration from our great and glorious nation's culture...

Every Halloween it’s a mad rush to find a great costume in which you can proceed to get totally smashed in. And by great costume we mean every guy in the room is dressed as some poor version of The Joker while every girl, consistently and for always, simply removes as much clothing as possible and labels it an outfit. “I’m a school girl.” No school girl in the history of ever has worn such little material, but okay sure. You look very scholastic. You perverted history teacher would be in a world of excitement right now. But every year without fail, most Egyptian Halloweeners don some imported Western-based costume. 3eesh 3eeshet ahlak ya 3am. Wear something which reflects our great and glorious nation. As great as your Maleficent costume may have been (ahem, head count for that costume last year stands at fourteen), Maleficent mesh masreya ya banat. So here are some costumes which better reflect our culture.

Fifi Abdo

This lady is a glorious shining beacon of Egypt. You can never hope to be her but perchance for one day a year you have the fleeting opportunity to be a poor imitation of her. Belly dancing costume, and a sign that says khamsah emwah.

Hanya & Aly from Ta7t el Saytara

These two characters are the year’s most famous drug addicts. Like most of the addicts portrayed on the show, the key here is to adhere to the standardised hoodie uniform. Make sure your junkie makeup look is on point. If you can nab a wig similar to Hanya’s long wavy hair, even better.


Egypt’s sweetheart. This little Aswani boy will melt your heart. His costume will surely make the ladies swoon. It will work best if you can procure a baby goat to carry around. If you can’t, it’s okay, you can still nab his look; white galabeya, red vest, and a green ta2eya.

Om Kalthoum

She’s an icon. If you don’t know what to wear, don’t be her. It’s all about the hair.

Hadia Ghaleb

Alright so it’s not gonna be easy to impersonate this fashionista to end all fashionistas and you will never be her ever. But you can try. Pull out every single avant garde, statement-making piece in your closet. Please ensure your outfit includes a lot of colour. If you have a cape, wear it. Please remember, your outfit will not be complete without a pair of sunglasses – Hadia is partial to ones with coloured, mirror glass. Also, don’t forget elaborately cool shoes and a statement necklace. Hats are also welcomed.

This dude


Egyptian DJ

Triangles and tattoos are key here. Necklace 3aleih mosallas kida. Black on black attire. Throw on a pair of earphones too.


Earlier this year, a trend emerged among Egyptian teens and the world was forever changed for the better. Shwayet gel kida feh sha3rak and you’re good to go. Alternately if you can fashion an elaborate bouffant, you will also nail the costume. And then grab some clothes from your sister’s wardrobe.

Abla Fahita

Hair rollers. That’s all we got.




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