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10 Foggy Reasons Egyptians Were Late to Work This Morning

Show this to your boss if they dare complain about your lateness today.

Finally, the day has arrived where you can just stroll into the office three hours after you're supposed to be there without an ounce of shame, for your everyday lies of how 'El tari2 kan wa2ef' and 'El donia kanet zahma' are not lies today.

This morning because of heavy fog, Cairo's traffic authority shut down Mehwar 26th of July Corridor along with the Alexandria and Ismailia Desert Roads, giving thousands of always-late-to-work Egyptians a very valid excuse - which was reported on by all major local news outlets - to carry on with their daily habit with pride. Today, you hold your head high and walk into work like an Egyptian, and if them bosses don't like it, they can go complain to the weather fairies.

Here are some pictures that we took of this morning's traffic clusterfuck: