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11 Egyptian Websites To Help You Land A Job

Broke? We feel you. So we came up with a list of sites where you can find a paying gig, including one very special mention.

Finding a job is hard. Finding a job that doesn't make you miserable is harder. The stress and bad posture from hanging over your laptop looking for work is no good for you, either. But, have no fear, CairoScene is here! We've compiled a list of websites that will get you the gig you want and so desperately need.
The shady back alley of the Internet where anyone can post anything. Despite its reputation as a sketchy scam haven, there are still plenty of genuine job postings. Just be smart about giving out your personal information and, if it seems like a fraudulent situation, it probably is. 
A specifically Egyptian craigslist-style website featuring bazillions of job listings. Most of OLX’s postings are in Arabic but, if you do some digging, there are a few job posts in English too. 
Boasting more than 3,000 job postings, from software programmers and developers to sales execs and accountants, Wuzzuf is the way to go if you’re looking for a fancypants professional gig.
If freelancing is more your style, check out Nabbesh, offering on-demand employment for writers, photographers, web and graphic designers, and a whole heck of a lot more. With 933 skills listed on the site and more than 10,000 jobs, it’s a great site to find a committal employment relationship.
A job search engine for Egypt, India, and the Gulf, Cantalop is pretty new to the game but its refined search tools will help you pinpoint the perfect job.
Go go Jobzella! Sorry about that. Jobzella allows you to upload your resume and let the employers do all the hard work. It also has job listings from the Gulf region, as well as Pakistan, the UK, and the States.
If you want to take the old school job hunting route or, perhaps, if you are some kind of outdated media hipster that enjoys the feeling of throwing away paper, there is El Waseet. The paper has a website, too, but nothing beats that old time feeling of taking a highlighter to a classified ad.
HireHunt, which we’ve written about before, is probably one of the cooler entries on this list. Instead of perusing a bland mind-numbing list of jobs, you answer questions, perform skill assessments, and play games. Yes, games. This tests your abilities and lets employers know if you are right for the position. Sounds pretty cool to us. 
If you a visual artist or graphic designer, then Tasmeemme is for you. The site allows you to upload your portfolio to let potential employees see your work before they hire you.
This Facebook group has almost 15,000 members and is growing everyday. There are posts for almost any kind of job imaginable in both Arabic and English. It’s a much more communal experience and, since all the people posting have to be approved before joining, it’s less likely that the awesome job you’re applying for is a scam.  
Hey, that’s us! Do you speak London very best? Allow us to job you, then. Aspiring staff writers can send their CVs to with the subject line “London Very Best."