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The 12 Most Expensive Schools in Egypt: 2017-2018 Edition

You have a million, or maybe five, to spare? Check the full list.


Choosing which school to enroll their offspring at is probably one of the toughest decisions parents have to face, and it's particularly challenging in Egypt. The country has a rotting public education system which consistently ranks as one of the worst in the world, and that leaves parents with no choice but consider one of the country's numerous educational institutions offering 'international education'. After hours of research and awkward phone inquiries, we've compiled a list of the Egypt's most expensive schools, leaving out only a handful, for which tuition information was inaccessible by any means or form. 

We had to exclude 7 expensive schools that were on our 2016/2017 edition due to the unavailability of official fee information online or over the phone. 

Here's CairoScene's annual list of Egypt's most expensive schools*:

 Cairo American College (CAC)

The over 70-year-old international-education institution offers one of the finest American programmes in Cairo, which comes at a hefty price. CAC, located in the heart of Maadi's Degla area, charges $23,600 for KG students through to grade 5, with grades 6-8 jumping up $24,100 and having a slight increase to $24,300 starting from grade 9 until 12. Putting one child through CAC would cost a total sum of $310,400, equivalent to slightly over EGP 5.5 million, making it the most expensive school in Egypt.

Schutz American School

Founded in 1924 in Alexandria, Schutz is the oldest American school in Africawhich evidently warrants an extravagant $10,302 as tuition fees for kindergarten, hiking slowly to between $11K to $13K until grade 8. After which tuition fees land on $14,515 for each of the three final grades. Total education would cost $166,309, which is slightly over EGP 3 million.

Metropolitan School

Founded by a family with more than 60 years of experience in education, Metropolitan School's former director Fouad Habib was awarded with a pioneer of private education badge of honour by President Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat in 1979. Which puts the EGP 68K for kindergarten 1 slightly into perspective. Tuition fees increase by 2-3 thousand EGP on an annual basis, with grad year costing around 92,000 EGP. Make your plans to save up EGP 1 million to send your kid to this school.

Malvern College Egypt

The over a century old British school opened its branch in Egypt in the early 90s, bringing some UK-quality education (and prices!) to the country. The school, which is located right off the ring road, charges a dizzying EGP 150K for Kindergarten, with final grades costing around EGP 190K. EGP 2 million is how much all grades would cost you.

Pakistan International School in Cairo (PISC)

Since its establishment in 1982 to service the Pakistani and expatriate community in Cairo, the international school is fully equipped to deliver one of the best education systems in the country. But it's all for a price; starting with $4,875 for kindergarten and reaching $9,750 for grade 12, PISC's total fees nears EGP 1.5 million. 

Canadian International School of Egypt (CISE)

Listed as an Overseas Private School by Ontario's Ministry of Education, CISE offers one of Cairo's finest Canadian programmes, which comes at the price of EGP 65K for Kindergarten and ending with EGP 103K for the final years. Total education cost reaches about 1,111,000 EGP. 

International School of Choueifat

The Lebanon-based international school has an extensive network of campuses, offering superior education services all around the world, with Egypt having 2 branches open in New Cairo and 6th of October City. The tuition charge for Kindergarten is EGP 53K, which gradually increases until it lands on EGP 101K. Education at the premium establishment will set you back around 1,137,638. 

British International College in Cairo

Despite having been established only two years ago, the superior British education institution offers an extensive British system from pre-school through to high school at lavish rates. Starting at EGP 72K for Kindergarten students, jumping to EGP 111K some 9 grades later, tuition fees peak at 138K for the final two grades, which brings the total cost to EGP 1,424,000.

Hayah International Academy

Tuition fees of this school stand out as it's one of the very few schools in Egypt that require part of the tuition fees to be paid in US dollar. Fees take off to the sum of EGP 32,220 and $2745 for KG1, ending with EGP 50,570 in addition to $4,305 for the upper grade. The whole education ends up just shy of a million at EGP 950K

British International School in Cairo (BISC)

Having been established in 1976, BISC is one of Cairo's most prestigious British-education schools, which could justify the sky-high tuition fees starting out at $5,702 per term in Kindergarten, eventually landing on $8,352 for the final year. Education at BISC sums up to almost $107,304, which equates to exactly EGP 1,947,889.

New Cairo British International School (NCBIS)

This is only school in Egypt to offer a Dutch programme alongside the British system. The exceptional education comes with a monstrous tuition fee of £6,381 for nursery and skyrocketing to £11,685 for the final years. Education totals £148,085, which is 3,451,231 in Egyptian pounds.

Lycée International Balzac 

With a total education cost of almost half a million EGP, Lycee International Balzac is the only French-education school to make our list. The prestigious school, which is located New Cairo, charges EGP 35K for Kindergarten through to almost double that figure at EGP 65K for grad year. Receiving education at the elite French school would set parents back EGP 775K per student. *Fees included in the article represent the raw tuition fees, non-inclusive of admission, registration, transportation, food, books, or supplies - which could easily top up the total sum with around 20%-30% more, depending on the school.