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12 of Egypt's Cutest Couples

#CouplesGoals fashkh.

As a new year begins, we have firmly resolved that this will be the year we stop sitting at home alone on a daily basis, watching reruns of Gossip Girl and falling asleep with Cheetos dust on our faces. This will be the year we find love. This will be the year someone looks at us the way we look at that jumbo pack of local Cheetos. And with that in mind, we decided to harness a little inspiration from some of the cutest couples around the city. Here are 12 of the city's cutest couples, in no particular order of cuteness, as captured by CairoZoom - and by means of our stalking skills on a wonderful little app called Instagram, just hoping that some of their love would rub off on us.

Nourhanne Eissa & Mohamed Mekkawy 

The fashion blogger and the funnyman are at virtually every function in the city, just being fashionable and funny and whatnot. Remember that time your boyfriend threw you a giant surprise birthday party at Loft 21 like Mekkawy did for Eissa? Yeah, we don't either. 
Norshek Fawzy & Nabil Rostom

If you look in the dictionary under Couple Goals, you will see a small photo of Norshek and Nabil, as well as a short description of their life. These two just emit unprecedented levels of cuteness. Quite frankly, it's almost painful watching them live out their ridiculously cute existence as they work out together and then do adorable things with their adorable children. Excuse us while we go cry in a corner over how no one will ever love us and the fact that the last person who hit on us was the Pizza Hut delivery man. 
Laurice Matta & Yassin Mostafa

She's a badass beautician who does things like shave her head on a whim when most of us actually start crying real tears when our hairdresser trims more than three inches off. He's a fitness guru and Capoeirista - that's what the people who dance-fight and actually look impressive doing it and not like epileptic squirrels call themselves. They're adorbs. They also named one of their children after a Lion King character so they're basically winners at life. 
Sherine Hamdy & Ayman Salem

The Ana Weh Heya power couple look like the kind of family you see on a highway billboard for a beach resort where people are happy and no one ever eats stale fries or gets pimples. 
Yara Naoum & Emad Meteeb 
You know how you always thought children were the devil's work and could serve no purpose but to pull your hair and force you to touch poop? Well, watching the former Miss Universe Egypt and the famous footballer in action, together, with their totes adorbs family, makes you rethink all that. You've probably secretly stopped taking the pill already.

Hussein Abdeldayem & Deana Shaaban

A photo posted by deanashaaban (@deanashaaban) on

The only thing worse than a fit person is a fit couple. These two #Fitspo cuties just make us feel like, really bad about our own relationship with pizza. But hey, some people have fit, healthy significant others that they can do squats and have toned bodies with, and some people have pizza. 
Suzan Idris & Abdallah Sabry

There are times when a relationship feels almost too on point. When a model and a fashion photographer date, it's like the stars have aligned to ensure the stylish stay together. 
Amina Khalil & Karim Khattab

The engaged Grand Hotel screen starlet and the founder of Kiteloop just give you ALL the feels. 

Tameem Younis & Nada Adel 


A photo posted by Tameem Youness (@tameemyouness) on

When your wife designs lingerie, you know you married right. But also her husband is a hilarious viral internet sensation. We just want to be IN their relationship. 

Malak El Ezzawy & Hashem Sabry


A photo posted by Malak El Ezzawy (@malakelezzawy) on

She's a powerhouse designer, and, well, so is he; the couple co-founded slick menswear brand Hoxton House earlier this year. You know how when you ask your husband/boyfriend/whatever if they prefer the black dress or the blue dress and they say the red because they really don't give a damn about your fashion dilemmas and weren't even listening to you and then you're passive aggressive with them for the rest of the week because they weren't paying attention to you and your really important question and before you know it you're divorced? We bet he never does that. 

Hiba El Awadi & Ahmed Elmohamady 


A photo posted by Hiba Elawadi (@hibaelawadi) on

The socialite and the soccer player - if that's not the perfect couple we don't really know who is. 

Lara Riad & Omar Gawdat

There's a certain degree of envy reserved for couples like the absurdly good-looking model-and-DJ duo that is Riad and Gawdat. We suppose the genetically blessed just gravitate towards each other. When this photo was taken, we were sitting at home counting our stretch marks and eating pizza.