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13 of the Most Memorable Moments from Pope Francis' Visit to Egypt

The Roman Catholic Pope brought a much-needed message of hope and peace to a country recently struck by tragedy.

Pope Francis' visit has brought a much-needed message of hope, peace, and a spirit of togetherness at a time when Egypt continues to mourn it's recent church bombing victims. Between the signing of a historic declaration with Coptic Pope Tawadros and holding a massive mass at the Air Defense Stadium, the visit was momentous. And while Zamalek residents may not have been thrilled about the tightened security, people across Egypt welcomed the Pope with open arms. Here are thirteen of the most memorable photos from the Pope's visit.

Photo: Ahram Online

Photo: RT
Photo: Ahram Online
Photo: Associated Press
Photo: CNS
Photo: Reuters
Photo: Shutterstock
Main image: Ahram Online