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15 Movies You Can't Miss At The 8th Panorama Of The European Film

Of the myriad incredible films playing at the Panorama of the European Film this year, these 15 flicks stand out with awesome trailers that have us already popping popcorn in anticipation.

The 8th Panorama Of The European Film festival is gearing up to showcase award-winning films and documentaries from across the continent. This year's showing continues the tradition of high-caliber uncensored films, set to simultaneously blow minds and inspire. These 15 flicks in particular stand out, with eye-catching trailers that make us want to camp out over night to guarantee a good seat.
A tense heist thriller in the one-shot style of Birdman. If the trailer is any indication, you'll be holding onto your seat watching this unfold. 
Colin Farrell and Rachel Weiss star in this wacky-looking comedy about a man who will be turned into an animal if he doesn't fall in love. At least he's given a choice of which animal he becomes, which is where the title of the film comes in.
This movie is about a couple's 45th anniversary that becomes tainted by some drama hinted at in the trailer. Looks like it'll make us cry in either joy or deep depression-inducing sadness. 
Magical Girl
This Spanish language film looks equal parts creepy and funny. The trailer builds a mystery so intriguing it makes us want to see the movie just to make sense of the trailer.

 This feature about WWII and the mass deportations to Serbia is a beautifully shot work about an awful time in history. 
Surrounding a subject matter that pulls in your emotions and makes for a riveting film, Three Windows And A Hanging is about a woman in a small village who tells an international journalist she was raped, prompting the men of the village to begin sowing hate for her and her young son.
Enklava is a flim about a boy's wish to bury his grandfather in a proper community setting, but the community has been divided after brutal civil war. His efforts to bring them together may end up driving things further apart.

 A heartwarming story of brothers who need to get past years of not speaking to each other to overcome a threat to their livestock.
  A period piece about how confusing love can be, Far From The Madding Crowd is about a young woman who has to choose between three very different suitors.
What would you be willing to sacrifice to be in a film? A woman struggles with the patriarchy in an attempt to make her dreams come true. 
A winner of several Nordic film awards, this film shows ordinary people in an unseen side of Oslo, fighting for a new life. 
 Mustang is a story of a group of young girls coming of age in world run by people who have very different ideas about what their lives should be like. 
We really have no idea what this movie is about apart from the sparse details in the trailer. However, it looks gorgeously shot and heartfelt, which is enough to make us want to check it out.
 An interesting looking tale of a woman who is driven to the extreme to keep her family's home. 

A flick about three decades, two nations, and one love. The trailer is sparse on details but heavy on action and sex. Count us in! 


Panaroma runs from the 19th to the 26th of November at the new art-house cinema, Zawya, in Downtown, and at Cinema Galaxy in Manial. Get more information from their website here

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @europeanpanorama.