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15 Epic Things to Do in New Cairo That Are Weekend Gamechangers

Instead of hanging out at the same cafe that you usually do, head to one of these Fifth Settlement spots for an adrenaline filled night to remember.

Battlefield Egypt

New Cairo and Tagamou' are fast becoming a hub for all that is cool and and basically worth getting out of bed for in the city. With endless kickass dining options, and even world-class bars, New Cairo was obviously in much need for offsetting its carb intake with fun activities. And boy did they do it right. Now that part of town is officially worth the travel to get into this kind of crazy stuff.

Battlefield Egypt

We know that most people think that laser tag is a perfect idea for an 8 year old's birthday party, but this place takes laser tag to the extreme with extra complicated courses and machine gun laser pointers 

Telephone: 0121 079 7979
Address: Concord Mall, Road 90, Kattameya

Bubble Football

This one is for the athletic types that also have a sense of humor and would enjoy watching their friends fall over. It's basically football but they put you inside an inflatable balloon that makes it really hard to move around and keep your balance, but it's a lot of fun.

Telephone:0121 005 5535
Address: Tiba Rose Hotel in Tagamou3

Gravity Code

One of the coolest things to do in New Cairo and defiantly the most exhausting. They give you special socks, push you into a room full of trampolines and just tell you to have fun.

Telephone:0106 611 6733
Address: 3 Skies Plaza, EL Tes3een street, behind Americana Plaza, Fifth Settlement

AirZone Egypt

Also another trampoline park, but these guys have a rock climbing wall and a sea of cube cushions that hug you when you fall into them.

Telephone: 0102 530 8680
Address:Mall point 90, fifth settlement, el tes3een road, infront of the AUC

Break Out Egypt

If you and your friends want to pay someone to lock you in a room and feed you a bunch of puzzles to try and get out than this is the perfect night out for you. O, and they also kidnap you first, which sounds like fun... if you're in to that kind of thing.

Telephone: 0121 052 9695
Address: B311, 90th Street, New Cairo

Trapped Egypt

This is also one of the fifth settlement's coolest escape rooms. Sure they trap you and your friends in a room and throw a bunch of puzzles at you like all the other ones, but this one gives you the option to leave your friends inside. It's the perfect plan to get back at Derek for stealing your fruit roll ups in the second grade. 

Telephone: 0102 888 5599
Address: ‎253 North El Teseen Road, New Cairo

Escapers Egypt 

If you like escape rooms but don't like the idea of being jump scared every 4 minutes then you should go to Escapers. They have four unique rooms including a mummy's tomb where they trap you inside with an actual mummy, and more chilled ones like a crime scene, or a genies's lamp. 

Telephone: 0100 191 2625
Address: Down Town Mall, New Cairo

Aerodium Egypt

Every single person in the world has said or thought this at one point in time: I wish I could fly. Well, as far as wings and actually defining gravity goes we're about as clueless as you are, but the Tagamou' dreamers can get a taste of it at Egypt's very first wind tunnel flying experience.

Telephone: 0128 132 7371
Address: Cairo Festival City Mall

The Maze Egypt

It's a maze. That's it. It's Just a maze, but it beats being lost in Maadi. At least if if you don't make it out in time someone will come and get you.

Telephone:0106 388 4611
Address: 258 A Anas ebn malek street


Luckily and unluckily for humanity, randomly smashing things is frowned upon in most societies, but in Tagamou' you can pay to take your rage out on various items like pots or televisions. 


The ultimate adrenaline rush: GoKarting! Right next to Carrefour. Egypt's first International professional racing track.