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5 Jazz Bands That Are Not Ahmed Harfoush

Because variety is the spice of life...

It's the final day of Cairo Jazz Festival (sighs of sadness abound), and in honour of this musical period we just passed through, we went through our databases and compiled for you some of Cairo's finest jazz ensembles, that just so happen to be non-Ahmed-Harfoush-related. Which is quite hard to find, mind you. And yes, Ahmed Harfoush may be a jazzy gem and all, dominating the jazz scene, but sometimes it's good knowing we have options, in a city that's sometime sterile when it comes to creativity or diversity.

Amr Salah Jazz Trio

With gigs lined up all over the place, make sure to catch this threesome performing for a taste of a little something different.

Hesham Galal

One of Egypt's best exports currently residing in Sydney, Australia, where he studied at the Australian Institute of Music. He was part of the Mortal Blow Big Band and the Swing West Jazz Orchestra. He comes to perform in Egypt occasionally before he heads back to the land of kangaroos and such things. It's because we don't have kangaroos, isn't it Hesham? ISN'T IT? 

Bluenotes Blues Reformed

Playing music since 1999, Bluenotes Band Reformed is a new music formation that was setup in Cairo, Egypt in 2010. The reason for the word “Reformed” in the name goes back to the original Bluenotes Band that was formed in 1999 by Hatem Hossam, singer and harmonica player, who is still the front-man of the current formation with a new set of talented, young and enthusiastic musicians.

Nour Project

Their genres range from World Music, Oriental, Jazz, Funk, Pop, Flamenco, Alternative, Rock, House, and R&B. These guys are definitely a little more than just a jazz band.

Rain Dogs

Yes another Egyptian cover band but thankfully this is a Tom Waits cover band, and the do renditions in all sorts of genres, such as Experimental Rock, Jazz and Blues.