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6 Real Life Haunted Houses in Egypt

Rumours have been swirling for years surrounding these six allegedly 'haunted' houses in Egypt, and whether or not you believe in paranormal activity, the stories about them are certainly creepy...

Take this article with a pinch of salt - especially the non-believers of the paranormal - however these locations spread out all over Egypt have garnered a reputation as 'haunted', with many of them having to get shutdown because of the numerous complaints and weird occurrences reported to be taking place in them. This is a list of these aforementioned buildings the occurrences that took place, and why they had to be shutdown.

The Djinn Building of Alexandria aka Roshdy Building

This one has to be at the top of the list, because of all the commotion surrounding it, causing it to be locked and boarded up for over 50 years, despite its prime location and the fact that its price on the market would exceed millions. Since it was built, many rumours have circulated around why the building seems to be haunted, but one of the more famous theories is that some blood of a construction worker was mixed with the cement which was used for construction. Another story circulating is that a mosque was demolished to make room for the building. Reports of screaming noises, blood coming out of water faucets, and a family finding their belongings thrown out on the streets overnight have all been made about the building.

The Giza House that Burns every Arabic Month

For no good reason this Giza apartment will self ignite every Arabic month and for no good reason. The owner's daughter reportedly sees spirits and communicates with them and is always able to predict the fire before it happens.

The Moharam Bek Appartment

This story began when a husband asked his wife to take the kids and spend the night at her mother's for no good reason and she returned the next morning to find the door locked from the inside. With the help of the doorman they were able to break in only to find the apartment completely trashed and soaking in water. They also found the husband dead and bleeding, but forensics reports said that no one entered the apartment, as all windows were locked. However reports also showed that the man was assaulted by a number of people breaking every bone in his body. Since then the apartment is on the market for sale but people are refusing to buying it.

The Ezzat Abou Ouf Villa

Famous actor Ezzat Abou Ouf's villa is another known location for paranormal activity, and because of his friendships with many other artists in the field and and the fact that he held parties for them, they all seemed to experience the same thing he did, and it became a topic amongst people in the industry. The previous owner before Abou Ouf was the owner of many businesses known as Shekoreel, and was murdered in the house. Ouf and his colleagues describe seeing a very bright apparition of a man wandering around the hallways of the villa using an old style gas lamp to light his way. However Ouf unlike the people from the previously mentioned incidents, became a good sport and not only got used to the spirit but as he put it, it "became a natural sighting and one of the family." 

The Zekra Zamalek apartment

Zekra's Zamalek apartment was the setting for the 2003 heinous crime, which took place under the roof of the starlet's apartment resulting in three murders followed by a suicide. Years later, and people are still reporting many strange occurrences at the apartment. More than a year after the incident Ayman El Sweedy's brother asked to have the apartment reopened because many of the neighbours were hearing arguing and screaming voices coming out of the apartment. Additionally, the security guard on the premise claimed the elevator stopped at 5 AM every day, which is the time the accident took place, and said he heard arguing voices as well.

Baron Palace

Because no haunted house list in Egypt is complete without perhaps one of the country's most prolific allegedly haunted destinations, the Baron Palace. While it's unclear exactly why the Baron has this crazy hype surrounding it, whether it's the fascinating architecture that is unmatched, or the fact that it's been closed off to the public for many years. It's even become part of our local folklore with many parents threatening their kids that if they don't do well in school they will be left abandoned there to spend the night. Or perhaps because of the media farce of the 90s claiming satanic rituals to have taken place there. Some people claim that the Baron's disabled sister's spirit resides in the basement. The stories are endless on this one, and there's no shortage of urban legends surrounding this particular spot.