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7 Awesome Things About Battle of The Burgers

Come together, right now... Over meat!

If you haven't heard yet, the burger makers of Cairo are fed up with the ongoing feud over which burger is the best in town. They are settling it once and for all with an all-out war! On the 18th of December, a battle of epic proportions - and really small portions - is set to take place: Battle of The Burgers!

It's not just about burger-tasting, though. We've compiled seven awesome things happening at Battle of The Burgers; we're sure you'll will find something for every taste.
1. You are the Gods of this war. Burger makers from around town are going to descend on El Horreya Gardens. Only you hold the key to victory! Well, token actually. Everyone will get tokens that they can give to the creator of their favourite burger, and the burger maker with most tokens wins the battle.
2. To ensure that you get to taste all of the burgers offered during the day without overdosing, the accepted burger size is going to be in compliance with to the United Nations' Charter on Burger Wars, which states: in battles where participants must taste all burgers, it's only permitted to use slider burgers - also known as bite-size or mini-burgers.
3. You get to solve world hunger. Yes, you read that right. You eat, they eat, we all eat! That's because 10 LE from each 150 LE ticket goes to The Egyptian Food Bank Association.
4. Bungee jumping. Or, more like bungee slingshotting, because there will be no jumping involved in this contraption that sees you tied to the end of a slingshot and releases you attached to a bungee chord. All good bungee mayhem, we suppose!
5. In the battlefield you'll be sure to find a challenge to partake in.  There will be a trampoline, arcade games, plane simulators, air hockey, and baby foot; some of these will have a point scoring system. The contestant with most points will win an iPhone or iWatch.
6. Sharmoofers! One of Egypt's most favoured bands will be performing on the burger stage. We know right, nothing is better than free burgers except listening to Sharmoofers while eating said burgers! Impressed by the musical, gastronomical combo? More in number seven...
7. If you liked Sharmoofers then you will sure as hell be glad to learn that another musical guest is set to serenade the battling burger factions, and that guest is none other than Cairokee. Ohh you lucky devils you, two of the cities favourite bands set to perform while you get to stuff you orifices full of free burgers. When will the madness end?! Uhh we mean begin!
Find out more at their event page here.