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7 Best Places to Buy A Fanous in Cairo

Whether you're looking for festive decor, sharing a tradition with a child, or buying a souvenir, the right fanous is always a good idea.

One of our favourite things about Ramadan is that the fawanees come out to play. Between decorating the streets and delighting a child as a simple yearly gift – and hanging from your neighbour's balcony, placed fashionably next to their colourful ghaseel – these beautiful traditions bring out the child and the Ramadan spirit in us all. Where can you snag a fanoos or 10 this Ramadan? Well...

 Khan El Khalili near Masjid Al Hussain

Nothing compares to the authentic feeling of Old Islamic Cairo. Haggle away for the price you want, but just make sure to have the salesmen wire it before you take your fanous home.

Bab Zuwayla on Ahmed Maher Street

These traditional metal and glass fawanees are made on-site. Just behind the storefront is a small garage where the owner and his three sons make the lanterns. If you ask nicely, they might just let you watch them work.

 Citadel District on El Mozafr Street

Many shops near the Citadel sell traditional Ramadan fabrics, but at the end of the street they turn these fabrics into adorable fabric fawanees.

 Sayeda Zainab on Youssef El-Sebaey

Sayeda Zainab souks give you the pleasure of choice because this location also boasts the most children's items. The kiddos will enjoy dolls, keychains, strobing lights, and the simple childhood pleasure of buying their favourite fanous.

Bashayer Egypt

These guys specialise in couture fawanees. Yes, couture fawanees. Give them a call or book your appointment online to meet with a designer and get your own custom fanous done. That's a pretty cool alternative. Hipster couture fawanees?

Ghamra along Emtedad Ramses

It's hard to miss these guys as you drive down Emtedad Ramses toward Abbaseya. Look at the size of those fawanees! These guys specialise in the art and the owners are also super friendly.


Strangely enough, some of the biggest and most Egyptian-style fawanees you can find are available at good old Carrefour. Not only do they have a tradition metal and glass ones, they have fabric, rope, tin, and plastic toy ones in every sizes you can imagine. They don't necessarily support the local craftsman as most are imported from China, but these lanterns are available at rock-bottom prices.