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7 Essential Beach Gizmos

Don't ruin your much needed break with water-drenched phones or sandy snacks. Here are 7 items you can buy right now that'll change your beach experience.

Picture this. You finally head to the beach. This is the moment you have been yearning for. You kiss the sand and prepare to jump head first into the endless crystal blue and swim as far as you can. Only one problem; you've got no where to place your phone, your designer bag can't handle the heat, there's sand in your beach snacks, your drinks are hotter than the sun, there's no where to charge your devices and endless trips back to the house or hotel room ruin the whole experience. Until now... 

Waterproof Your Phone

Even the most antisocial person out there depends on their phone. Nothing ruins a holiday more then dropping one’s phone in the water or have it buried under the sand. Jumia offers a phone waterproof case that also has an arm band just in case you want to have a beach workout as well... Although we doubt that.

A Bag-Turned-Towel

Seashell Egypt offer beach bags with waterproof casing but more importantly a beach bag which turns into a towel...hello! Instead of trying to carry everything back at sunset, fighting with a friend about which towel belongs to whom, avoid the drama and get yourself one of their beach bags that turn into a towel and also have waterproof pockets for the things you can’t afford getting wet.

Bring on the Music

Nothing turns up your beach experience than having the appropriate playlist blasting in the background and setting the soundtrack to your day. Speakers. Who’s getting the speakers? It is best to have small speakers that won’t take up too much space; Virgin Megastores offer JBL with a battery lasting five hours, that also charges your phone. Jumia offer Nude Audio Speakers and we must say we love the small size.

Floating Glory


Purveyours of all things comfortable, colourful and down right antakha, Ariika have taken their famous beanbags and made them FLOAT. 

Splashproof Headphones

Your friends are blasting harcore techno beats and you simply want to watch the waves and listen to Enya...we doubt they will be up for that so we urge you to avoid the embarrassment and get yourself some splashproof headphones. Available at Virgin and Radioshack, Jabra's Sport Wireless+ aren't complete waterproof (don't go diving in) but built towards US Military rain, shock, sand, and dust standards, so it’s sure to withstand the wildest summer.

Beach, Beer and Beats

A newcomer on the local tech scene, Kasabox offers coolers that are also speakers and even a model that includes screens and lights. Basically it's a rave in a box and it's available in Egypt right now.

Harness the Power of the Sun

Where on earth are you going to charge your gadgets on the beach? You have the sun. A ball of energy. Let’s use it shall we. Use the Solaris Powerbank to charge any of your gadgets, also from Jumia.