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7 Talented Egyptians On YouTube That Deserve A Record Deal

YouTube seems to be the stairway to stardom lately, and we've found 7 talented YouTubers worthy of their own record deals.

Once upon a time, getting your talent out there and noticed required a lot of manual going here and getting there and trying to get some record label exec to listen to your CD. Nowadays, one just has to take to YouTube to become a sensation. Although let's be perfectly honest; not all YouTube sensations actually have any talent to speak of. But there are a handful of Egyptians who have garnered a significant following due to their talent and in our humble opinion, deserve a record deal in order to become real life famous and not just social media/internet famous...

No Talents


Comedy and rock? We're in. This comedic rock band relies heavily on sarcasm and making fun of everyday problems that most of us encounter. With their hit song Khara, Mohamed Farouk sings about his life, his job, his house, and even his looks, and how they are all khara! Some would argue that their music is also khara; we beg to differ! 

The Camera Band

A Funk/Fusion band that incorporates eastern instruments like nai to their alternative Rock/Funk sound, The Camera Band is reminiscent of bands like Poets of the Fall, Breaking Benjamin, and Crossfade. The emotional guitar solos take you back to the hey-day of Emo Rock, and their vocalists, Mohamed Salah and Ahmed Mahdy, don't hold back on using their voices to add an emotional flair to their songs.

Medhat Mamdouh


What can we say about the musical prodigy that is Mohamed Mamdouh? If we had to explain his musical talent using only four words, we would go with: funky, fresh, natural, and casual. The 22-year-old blew away the audience during his performance on Arabs Got Talent, where he reached the semi-finals.

El Joker

El Joker is extremely serious Egyptian rapper; the huge number of songs he has uploaded is intimidating, giving you the feeling that he might be gaining too much exposure. But, when you give the songs a listen, you find that each one tackles an important issue, delivering a heart-felt message to listeners. His structured lyrics and unique flow give him an edge. Still at the beginning of his promising career, our only remark would be: "Why so serious?!" Hmm?

Ahmed Alshaiba

Oriental Oud covers of Michael Jackson, anyone?! Yes please! As much as we believe that Western covers are boring and kind of lame, Alshaiba managed to use Oriental instruments to shake up classic hits like They Don't Care About Us and Smooth Criminal, giving them a breath of new life that makes them interesting to our ears again. In the words of Mr Miyagi from Karate Kid, "Go on my son."   

Shady Ahmed

There are some people who got famous through YouTube, and others who are on YouTube because they're famous; we think Shady Ahmed is of the latter. He became famous from busking in the streets of Maadi where some major newspapers picked up his story and published articles about him. He is also lead singer of the band Kravin. He promotes his music by playing at El Sawy Culturewheel and posting music and videos online. Shady is super talented and his voice will surely induce some goosebumps.

Karakeeb Band


Karakeeb's music is a clash of Pop, Euro Pop, and Disco, and, with vocals that are almost anthem-like, their songs are good for when you need that little boost of energy. Their hit song, Peace of Mind, feels like when we were kids and would play with all of our toys at the same time, turning the room into a jungle of plastic toys, then, cue mother's entrance: "lem el karakeeb deeh w khosh nam!

Ramy Blazin


Ramy Blazin, DJ/Producer and prominent remixer, plays regularly in major Cairo hot spots like Cairo Jazz Club and TIU. He goes to show that artists who got famous through YouTube can pass that phase and start playing to live audiences. His remix of Pharrell's Happy had us shaking our butts all day long, "3ashan ana happy!"