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7 Vintage Photos of Egyptian Actresses in Swimwear That Redefines Beach Glamour

Their fashion choices prove they were way ahead of their time.

Welcome to the time of the year where one's entire wardrobe is reduced to one very important item, the swimming suit. As we race to shopping malls and online stores to get the hottest piece for the season, we seek inspiration from the taste and fashion of the divas that came before us. Here's our list of vintage photos of golden-age Egyptian actresses in bathing suits that prove that their fashion game was way ahead of their times, and arguably even ahead of ours.

Soad Hosny

 Maryam Fakhr El-Din

Photo: ElCinema 

Hend Roustom


Laila Mourad


Nadia Lotfy

Lebleba (and Bonus: Nelly!)

 Sohair Ramzy