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9 Local Tableware Brands that We’re Currently Obsessed With

For those looking to step up their home decoration game, these are our conclusive picks for local tableware brands.


A plethora of local brands offering up tantalizing traditionally crafted tableware have been popping up all over our feeds. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites and where you can find them on Instagram.

JAZEEL // @jazeeldesigns
Inspired by Nubia, this brand defines its products as ‘storytelling tableware’. Each collection covers a different theme, and are all dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.

ASHEYA // @asheya.tableware
This brand’s signature is misshapen bowls and iridescent reflections, and make for ultra-sleek handcrafted products that are more than just a little pretty.

Based entirely off of Egyptian history, every piece released by Knana is an ode to this country’s heritage through the use of timeless designs and patterns.

URTH // @urthcairo
Dedicated to supporting local craftsmen and inspired by the traditions of Fayoum, these handmade ceramics are effortlessly rustic.

PIATTO // @piattotableware
This porcelain tableware is for the bright and colourful among us. Their summer pieces are available for delivery in just two to five days.

TUMYE // @tumye.tableware
This line is earthy in every sense of the word. Made by Egyptian hands, these products are microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.

KHAN FOKHAR // @khan.fokhar
These hand-painted porcelain tableware use sheer water-colours and gold details to create timeless, classy pieces.

Known for their ethical production line, Ellie have been making sustainable handcrafted tableware since 2013.

KIN // @kin_forms
Super understated and tasteful for the minimalist in you, these handmade ceramics are inspired by nature, cultures and kinship.