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Egypt's Most Extravagant Proms of 2018

These 2018 senior graduates went all out for their high-school proms and we've got the pictures to prove it.

While culturally we might be worlds apart from our western counterparts, there is one thing across continents that every person can agree on and that is prom night. Every year high school seniors from every corner of the world come together in their excitement to bid the hectic high school years farewell and embark on the beginning of the journey that is adulthood. It's a memory that most take with them into their adult life, even if briefly so. While we don't necessarily remember exactly how the night went, the exhilaration that came from getting asked out by our prom date, to the anxious panic of picking out the perfect prom outfit are some of our fondest memories. Our proms though, while magical didn't come close to some of the proms that have been happening around Egypt over the past few years. Seniors are going all out with themes like Paris in Winter, Las Vegas, Game of Thrones and more. Here is a list of 2018's most extravagant proms to prove it.     

 Photography Borry, Hossam Ahmed, Piko, Hanafy, Mido and Wishahy

While we almost lost touch with reality and went into a nervous break down when we found out that the new season of Game of Thrones wouldn't air for another two years, ELS decided to deal with their loss by throwing a GOT themed prom. With mini replicas of Daenerys' dragons and banners sporting the emblems of the different kingdoms, these high-schoolers don't seem too preoccupied with the white walkers. 

Price: more than EGP 200,000.
DJs: DJ Morovitch, DJ Cheetoz, DJ Fedde, DJ Gawush and DJ Dimaro.

Photography by Hossam Ahmed, Piko and Borry

In the words of Jigsaw "most people are unappreciative to being alive," but not these seniors. They're celebrating life with a Saw themed prom. They're even going all out and re-enacting some of the thriller's most famed scenes. If that's not appreciative of life and Mr. Jigsaw's work (please don't kidnap and torture us) then we don't know what is!

Price: between EGP 135,000 and EGP 199,000.
DJs: DJ Fedde, DJ morovitch and DJ Nada.


Photography by Piko

While we're not quite sure what Starlesque-themed means (we've even asked google), this is one prom that looked fancy AF. Now we know what they mean by go big or go home. 

Price: between EGP 135,000 and EGP 199,000.
DJs: DJ Andi and DJ Morovitch.


Photography by Piko and Hossam Ahmed

AIS students got it right by taking their first steps into the journey that is adulthood with a prison-themed prom. (No, we're not bitter. We've got this adulting thing down to a T... well, almost).

Price: between EGP 135,000 and EGP 199,000.
DJs: DJ Andi and DJ Morovitch.

 JW Marriott

Photography by Hossam Ahmed, Piko, Hanafy and Borry 

While they didn't have strippers or a poker table, these seniors did have a raving Las Vegas themed prom and it looks cooler than most of the parties we've been to lately.

Price: between EGP 135,000 and EGP 199,000.
DJs: DJ Morovitch and DJ Ramy DJunky.

DET Agouza

Photography by Hossam Ahmed and Borry

Who doesn't love the circus? These senior pulled out all the stop for their prom and we're a little jealous. We hear they even had a monkey join the party.

Price: between EGP 135,000 and EGP 199,000.
DJs: DJ Cheetoz and DJ Morovitch.

Manor House IGCSE

Photography by Borry and Hossam Ahmed

These students are ending their senior year with a bang in a Blue Elephant themed prom.

Price: between EGP 100,000 and EGP 134,999.
DJs: DJ Fedde, DJ Morovitch and DJ Gawish.

DET American
Intercontinental Semiramis

Photography by Borry, Wishahy and Mido

This happy bunch got creative with their prom and made it a tribute to one of Egypt's popular iconic puppets, Abla Fahita. We wonder if the sassy starlet herself made an appearance. 

Price: between EGP 100,000 and EGP 134,999.
DJs: DJ Morovitch and Cheetoz.

Conrad Cairo Hotel

Photography by Piko, Hanafy and Mido

Audrey Hepburn got it right when she said "Paris is always a good idea". PSS students went a step further and made it Paris in the winter. Ahh what it is to be young, the sky is the limit. 

Price: between EGP 100,000 and EGP 134,999.
DJs: DJ Morovitch and Cheetoz.

Fairmont Nile City

Photography by Hossam Ahmed and Piko

When you can't go to the Windy city, bring the windy city to you. At least that's what these seniors did with a Chicago-themed prom night. 

Price: between EGP 75,000 and EGP 99,999.
DJs: DJ Morovitch and DJ Gawish.

Celebratory Events Team

The team that brought all these proms to life.