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Study Reveals When Egyptians Are Happiest

Here are 6 #MomentsTogether you can enjoy with family and friends.

In a massive research conducted by Majid Al Futtaim group, it was - unshockingly - revealed that despite the fact that 92% of Egyptians are happiest when spending time with their families and friends, one third of that figure turn down offers to meet their loved ones at least twice a month. But we get it, as much as you love them, getting off that couch is sometimes, literally, a horrific scenario that you wouldn't want to put yourself through unless it's for a crazy fun day out, but you can't guarantee this is what you're going to get. But what if you can? Here are 6 activities that are golden for having fun and making new memories with your family and loved ones:

Ski Egypt 


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This is quiet self-explanatory; Egypt's first ever indoor snow park and ski slope. What more guarantees do you need that you'll be piling up on tons of fun and happy memories?

Cairo Tower

We know what you're thinking; this is the most cliche thing a Cairene could ever do. But when was the last time you actually did it?.... Right, it's been that long! The observation desk on top of the tower will make you see our humongous metropolis like never before, giving you a little perspective of just how beautiful it is - from a distance, of course. Take the kids along, they need to know about their great city too!

VOX Cinemas

Having a whopping 21 theatres that include the highly luxurious VOX Gold and the colourful VOX Kid aren't the only things making VOX Cinemas special. They also have a 4DX theatre that will turn you into a movie character and have you feeling and sensing every bit of the movie in real time, whether that's rain, scent or even getting thrown out of a speeding horse carriage. Don't worry though, you won't get hurt. 

Walk Like An Egyptian Tour

This is a walking tour happening weekly in different locations in Cairo, which will take you discovering the hidden gems of our historically rich city. The tour doesn't go to traditional tourist attractions like the Pyramids or the Egyptian Museum. Instead, they tour the narrow streets of Islamic and Coptic Cairo to unravel the hidden history in our city that is practically an open-air museum.

Little Explorer  

Do your kids hate studying so much they'd cross the Red Sea solo just to avoid it? This is definitely the place for them. With a staff trained in early childhood education, Little Explorer provides an enticing mix of fun and education that will make your Xbox-addict kid learn a thing or two while enjoying themselves.

Magic Planet 

Arcades are for kids, they say. Be an adult, they say. Luckily, and for the sake of the little kids inside of each one of us, Magic Planet isn't one of the places where you'll have to question your adulthood because you can get as childish and crazy as you want. A range of fun games and activities are specially designed so that kids and adults alike can let loose, have fun, and make joyful memories. Tempted? We know we are!

Driven by the findings of the study, Majid Al Futtaim launched the campaign, Create Great Moments Together, to get us to spend more time with our family, friends, and loved ones; doing fun things fit for future-nostalgic moments. The campaign was launched on the 8th of March and has since created countless of unforgettable memories for lucky guests at the group's entertainment establishments. The next memory to be created could be yours with the ones you love. 

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