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The Best Ladies’ Nights in Cairo

RIP to the lashes you’ll lose in the Uber on your way back home.

Whether it’s a full-blown wild night out just gossip over wine; a night out with our girlfriends does wonders for our sanity. These nights are all about genuine compliments, which we need – I mean our girlfriends notice things that the men in our life never will - everything from the extra shimmer in our studs to the radiance of a new moisturizer. And honestly, nothing beats hugs and compliments from our estrogen-filled sisters – these girls have seen us ugly cry on bathroom stools at 3 AM; they were there when we gorged on tubs of ice cream post break up – so when they say we look good, we believe them. So it goes without saying that there’s nothing better than getting all your favourite girls together and catching up over delicious bites and killer cocktails and remembering the carefree younger versions of ourselves.

Bottom line: Girls’ nights ARE and SHOULD BE the bread and butter of our social life. They should happen on a regular, frequent, and celebrated basis. The hardest part of the whole endeavor? Deciding where to go. Luckily some of our favourite bars and lounges have ladies’ nights most days of the week.


Nothing will make you feel better about the hell week you just survived at work than Friday’s ladies’ night at Keji. If you’re looking for a bit of a dance, but not keen on a club, this pub and Japanese restaurant’s is your answer. Indulge on glistening sushi, while enjoying 2 free cocktails at Keji – you see, you don’t have to venture too far for a fabulous girls’ night out. 

Nineteen Twenty Five

If you're looking for a wild night, there is still one viable option for you – Nineteen Twenty Five. One of our favourite places in the nightlife scene, the club offers 2 complementary beverages to all ladies - go ahead whip your hair back and forth and chug your favourite cocktails; just make sure you have your dancing shoes on. 

Le deck 

We learned from Carrie Bradshaw that guys come and go but our girl friends are forever – so no reason to pick your boyfriends over your #girlsquad on a Thursday – it’s also part of girl code. Enjoy a free cocktail while overlooking the best view in Cairo at Le Deck.

High Heels at Sheraton

Every Thursday, the vintage style bar, Studio 70, gets turned up with DJ Seham Omar and free wine and beer to all ladies – Nothing says bestie bonding time like indoor wine and please order all the entrees you never order on dates. 

Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski

There's no need to go home after work to glam up and squeeze into uncomfortable heels girls - head straight from the office to Yana Asian restaurant or Romanov steakhouse at Royal Maxim Palace Kimpinski every Wednesday at 6 PM (until 12 PM) for free champagne or wine with your dinner. The sleek decor and easy-listening soundtrack in both restaurants offer a great opportunity to unwind and catch up with your girls.