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What Golden Age Actresses Would Look Like Today

Trends are always changing and you've probably wondered: what would the Golden Age sweethearts look like now?

In The Devil Wears Prada, at the beginning of the film, there's a scene where Meryl Streep's character is pedantically picking clothes, and can't make a decision between two extremely similar belts, which prompts Anne Hathaway's character to snicker. Streep's character proceeds to lecture Hathaway about how she thinks she's removed from "this stuff", but is in fact wearing a sweater that was "chosen for [her] by the people in this room".

Trends consume all our minds regardless of gender. Take for instance the fact that Faten Hamama, Shadia, and Maryam Fakhruddin were once upon a time the "dream girls" for most guys, and men would only wish to date someone like that. They looked at their haircuts, their makeup, and their fashion. Put in the context of a film, it reinforces the perception that this is the pinnacle of beauty. Therefore, girls begin to respond by following the trend-setters, and so the cycle begins.

But in 2017, if you saw one of those actresses walking in the street wearing decades-old styles, you're likely to look away and look more towards women like Amina Khalil, Jennifer Lawrence, or Gigi Hadid, right?

Okay, but what would the "Golden Era" of cinema actresses would look like in modern-day chic look? Here they are dressed in today's latest trends.

Tahiya Karioka - Jennifer Lawrence

Samia Gamal - Gigi Hadid

Shadia - Yasmeen Raees

Faten Hamama - Salma Abo Deif

Mariam Fakhruddin - Amina Khalil

Naima Akef - modern-day model

Hind Rostom - Yasmeen Sabry

Mariam Fakhruddin - Amy Winehouse

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