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7 Times Egyptians Literally Wished for a Meteor to End it All

Sometimes life is just a little too much to handle.

While older generations of Egyptians cringe, and insta-'be3d el shar' at the very mention of death, younger generations seem to have made their peace with the grim thought of it. Not only that, but we'll even go so far as to wish it upon the most asinine of us, and even ourselves when things get a little too rough, but especially when they beomce so devoid of meaning that we'd rather just stick to the one consistent thing in existence. Now before you start thinking this will go off on some nihilistic, existential trip, we'd like to assure you that what follows is simply a list of videos where Egyptians just felt that things have gone too far. Far enough that they flat out decided they'd rather a meteor hit the earth and end it all as opposed to letting things go on with the levels of absurdity that only seem to outdo themselves time after another.

Like when the solution to a highway flooding was just trying to push the water asideor when Egyptian television took such a twist on VFX that "not even a meteor or a nuke would have been enough."But usually it's just when people take things too far.
Like when this lovely lady decided to explain how chakras and healing stones work by making them sound like an order at McDonald'sor when this one brought auras and energies into the physical realm where we can literally shove the bad ones off.But sometimes it's probably because they just can't see the positive side of things
or they just can't see the pure genius of a young conspiracy theorist in the making.