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Abyusif, Sherine & President Nasser: Dijit’s Boiler Room Set is Wild

The 56th edition of Boiler Room’s SYSTEM set series sees the unpredictable producer capture Egyptian music and culture, new and old, contemporary and classic, in the most unique ways.

Last year, Egyptian producer and visual artist, Dijit, released his full debut album, Hyperattention, a 12-track trip-hop parade that skipped from Arabic poetry, to child-like chanting, to downtempo shaabi, doing so relentlessly and unapologetically. Released on UK label, YOUTH, the album turned heads and has put the versatile artist on the map.

One name that has sat up to attention is Boiler Room, which welcomed the versatile artist to the 56th episode of its SYSTEM set series. Dijit’s unpredictable musical moods come through quite spectacularly in a one-hour mix that kicks off with former Egyptian President, Gamal Abdel Nasser’s resignation speech, before wading through a range of Egyptian sounds. Abysuif, Molotof, Zuli, Maurice Louca, are some of the names that represent Egypt’s independent/underground scenes, while the likes of pop star, Sherine, and shaabi OG, Abdel Basset Hamouda, make appearances. There’s even a song from classic Egyptian play Al Motazawegoon featuring comedian Samir Ghanem. In short, it’s nothing short of beautiful and mental, inspiring and deranged. A quite unique picture of Egyptian music and culture, new and old.