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Bahraini Graffiti Artist DUST. Makes Music Debut with Lo-Fi Hip-Hop EP

A Bahraini beatmaker lurking in the hazy depths of lo-fi, 'THE LO TIDE THEORY' provides a fitting musical introduction to DUST.

Bahrain is taking care to stay afloat amidst the Arab world’s rapidly diversifying music scene and is dishing out different sorts of talents, including DUST., the emerging Bahraini graffiti artist who just released his debut EP THE LO TIDE THEORY.

Appropriately titled, the EP features ten lo-fi tracks encapsulating the artist’s sound as a debut should.Throughout the EP, the tracks consistently feature the fundamental undertones of chopped beats and breakbeat, with various overcasting guitar and piano riffs that are particularly prominent in ‘EVANS KEYZ’ and ‘sailor joint’. Experimenting with different sounds and instruments, DUST. secures a sense of dynamism across the spectrum of songs.

While one could say his musical offering is in shortage of valleys and peaks, ebbs and dlows, DUST. stays true to his distinctive sound throughout.