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Beirut’s Diggers’ Delight Take Disco'Ntifada Fundraiser to London

The hafla in Hackney is showcasing five Lebanese/Arab musical talents at London’s EartH venue on October 15th.

Nearly 14 months after the Beirut blast, Lebanon is still under siege from severe economic, financial, political and health crises in the country. Despite a devalued currency and essential supply shortages dragging more than half the country’s population below the poverty line, much of the world has failed to quickly and effectively address the ongoing struggle of the Lebanese people.

With the vast majority of the world’s Lebanese living outside their home country, creatives from the diaspora have been stepping up to the line and using their voices for those who can’t. Cropping up multiple fundraisers for Lebanon worldwide, including concerts and club nights wherever and whenever covid restrictions could allow it, Lebanese and other Arab creatives have been raising money and awareness for the situation in Lebanon since August 2020.

One notable bunch throwing parties for their people is Diggers’ Delight, a Brooklyn-and-Beirut-based record label/art collective bearing the sound of Lebanon. After a series of nights tearing up dance floors in New York this summer, the collective is flying over the pond later this month to throw one of their Disco'Ntifadanights at London’s EartH venue. Boasting a lineup of five Lebanese/Arab DJ talents, the hafla in Hackney is more than just a night for disco dancing. The fundraiser hopes to raise funds for Lebanon and bring a boost of political and cultural awareness to London’s club scene on October 15th. 

To buy tickets for the London event head to