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Hazy Imagery Disarms Senses in Milad Ahmadi’s New Video for ‘Gheesas’

The Iranian producer’s disorientating, dream-like video centres the body in an overt yet subtle show.

Permitting only 20-seconds of anonymous, overlapping small-talk to commence the track, Iranian electronic producer, Milad Ahmadi, interrupts with an arresting, pulsating beat that shows opposites attract as it stays steady against the juxtaposing slow warp of a body in motion, in his new video for ‘Gheesas’.

The relentless beat coupled with high-intensity but obscure vocals forbids the mere act of casual listening and produces an immersive moment that’ll place you, disoriented, in a warehouse rave.But the video’s what really demands your attention. It is not only the dark-red aesthetic that makes the hazy imagery sensual, but by playing with shadows and concealment, Milad Ahmadi toys with viewers’ sensory experience by showcasing the ambiguous, unsubduable form of the human body.

Born, bred, and based in the southern Iranian city of Hormozgan, the experimental electronic producer and visual artist’s dreamlike new video for ‘Gheesas’ - the Farsi word for ‘Jesus’- can be seen as a way of navigating his country’s social norms that conceal the body’s form in a subversively intimate manner.