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‘It’s Not Complicated’: Palestinian Resistance from Streets to Studios

Featuring regional and international artists, the sweeping compilation album tells a sonic tale of occupation and resistance to erasure of a land, a people, and their stories.

In an effort to unseat the reflex-responses that contend to the situation’s complexity, responses which have been criticised due to their apparent intention - or at least outcome - of stifling uncomfortable conversations about the clashes and conflicts under Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories, artists from Nicolás Jaar to Brian Eno have come together to stage an “audio protest” which communicates a salient line that is as simple as the compilation album’s title: It’s Not Complicated.

Released by pan-Arab music magazine, Ma3azef, the album is a 19-track collaboration led by Brooklyn-based Egyptian mastering engineer, Heba Kadry.

It offers to tell an alternative sonic tale of occupation and resistance in the face of erasure, and calls upon giants of all genres, including Liliane Chlela, Lee Gamble, and Drew McDowall, to put forward their interpretations of audio protests and to stretch the scope of the struggle from the streets to studios.

With all proceeds from album sales dedicated to Medical Aid for Palestine, a charity operating in Gaza and the West Bank, and Grassroots Al-Quds, a Palestinian community and mobilisation platform, the album is a tangible expression of solidarity to the Palestinians and adds a new voice to the growing chorus of resistance against the occupation and its violence. The album is set for full release on July 6th.