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London’s SwitchOTR ‘Coming For You’ Blends Drill & Techno into a Hit

One might not expect an Avicci track to transform into a London drill banger – but this is exactly what UK artist SwitchOTR achieved with his song ‘Coming For You’ featuring A1 and J1.

On first listen, ‘Coming For You’ sounds like just another recycled version of a hit that already made it. With the hook taking the exact same melody of that in Avicci’s iconic ‘The Nights’, it would be easy to dismiss ‘Coming For You’ as just another bit of evidence that nothing new exists under the sun.

However after multiple listens, paying close attention to the lyrics, one can hear the intelligent approach of taking a commercially successful song and injecting it with new depth and perspective. ‘Coming For You’ tells the story of young men growing up in an environment of violence, using their music as a means of escape.

The hook, though bright and catchy, reveal eerily sinister lyrics: “Sometimes man I look up to the sky/And ask my God why I lost a couple members/My n****s riding if you violate one da guys/You better hide/You better stay inside/Cos we’re coming for you.” The verses by A1 and J1 demonstrate a passion for writing and the ability to adapt to any beat and genre. All in all it’s certainly catchy and thought provoking if you choose to read between the lines.