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Man From Sudan Brings Together Diaspora For ‘Luxury Rap’ Remix

Featuring Ramey Dawoud, Silent E and Soulja, Man From Sudan revives ‘Luxury Rap’ with a retouch.

Missouri-based Sudanese rapper, Man From Sudan, has brought together big names from the Sudanese diaspora rap scene in a new remix of ‘Luxury Rap’, a rework of the track from his Luxury Rap EP.

His verse was solid enough that it didn’t need refining, but the track’s renewed attraction stems from the appearances from its featured artists and how their different styles seem so at home within it. With Silent E making his voice heard on the remix, it’s a show of diversity of sounds from the two Sudanese diaspora Minneapolis-based rappers.

Also featured is Ramey Dawoud, an award winning actor turned rapper based in London, as well as Soulja, who lives in Malaysia and holds onto his roots by performing vocals in Arabic. With the Sudanese rap sound constantly seeking to define itself as a distinct genre, each release helps show the dynamism of its scene.