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Mougleta’s ‘Bubblegum’ is an Infectious Burst of Pop & Hip-Hop

The Dubai-born, Berlin-based artist takes a bold new direction in her latest release with the help of a former WWE wrestler..

Dubai-born, Berlin-Based, Lebanese-Canadian. The music of citizen of the world and singer-songwriter, Mougleta, is often as eclectic as her background, and her latest release, ‘Bubblegum’ demonstrates that quite aptly.A sonic fusion of pop and distorted hip-hop, the track speaks of a musical taste that draws influence from an array of sources, citing the cities in which she grew up and lived in as some of her biggest inspirations. The artist has often fused pop music with Oriental sounds, but in ‘Bubblegum’, she takes a turn into rugged and overdriven terrain, with rapper, Ariane Andrew (a former WWE wrestler who performed under the name Cameron), featuring and adding more edge to the track.

With Hubertus Dahlem on production, the track uses distorted 808s and a granular-sounding pad, providing a fitting stage for Mougleta and Andrew’s tag-team, the two distinct vocals fitting like a glove. It’s a bold direction for Mougleta, but she seems at home with this quite different sound, more than matching the larger-than-life personality of her collaborator.