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Nadine Deals with Heartbreak in New Track ‘After Everything’

Nadine’s elegant approach to overcoming breakup and heartbreak is a lesson for us all.

Nadine El Roubi continues her hot streak with her third single of 2021, ‘After Everything’. We’ve already been treated to the classic heartbreak hit, the bad girl season track (or do we universally refer to that as Hot Girl Summer now?), but her new song takes a mature yet playful approach to dealing with the impacts of breakups.

The Sudanese sensation continues to develop and refine her sound, with the new song showcasing her soothing vocals. Consider it a 21st century blend between bedroom pop and soulful RnB. In ‘After Everything’, Nadine addresses heartbreak without shying away from awkward tales, as she appears to grow from the experience and ensures she doesn’t neglect some sweet self-love.

How better to apply a swab of positivity to a negative experience than to transform it into a fire track? We could all learn something from Nadine. And with an exclusive interview coming soon on SceneNoise, stay tuned for the lesson.