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Police Voleur Come Out in Support of Forbidden Love in ‘Mechwar’

Comprised of Scarlett Saad and Kristian Abouanni, Lebanese indie pop band Police Voleur stage a theatrical performance expressing an array of emotions.

Playful Lebanese indie pop band, Police Voleur, celebrate the endurance of forbidden love in their new song ‘Mechwar’, reaching out to those who are forced to conceal their expressions of romance and to a broader society that fears it.

Police Voleur, whose name derives from the popular universal childhood game, Cops and Robbers, parade their ability in their new song to absorb the sting of serious subjects and confront them by transforming them into something playful. In ‘Mechwar’, their performance reveals an instinctively childlike perspective, not of naivety, but one which disarms a profound matter at hand in a theatrical manner.The music video--directed by Jana Younes, filmmaker and co-founder of Beirut Contemporary Ballet--emphasises the theme of theatricism as two dancers perform a modern choreography beneath a spotlight hidden behind billboards. With the dancers expressing a fluid spectrum of emotions most irrepressibly within the limited source of light, the band conveys a hopeful message reassuring those who must closet their intimacy that there is solace to be found amidst what may appear as darkness.