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Select 145: Mixed by Akladios

The latest edition of SceneNoise’s long running mix series, Select, welcomes Egyptian house maestro Akladios for an hour of a rigorously curated house-themed set.

Property consultant by day, DJ by night, there’s no doubt that Akladios is one of Egypt’s finest spinners, consistently delivering groovy dancefloor sets and building an enthusiastic following. With a passion for house, disco, and minimal, Akladios has become a staple DJ in the country over recent years in showing the sunny side of electronic music.

Beginning by organising a student DJ campaign for two years, Akladios tried her own hand at spinning and has since performed alongside the likes of Peggy Gou, DJ Heidi, and Jamie Jones.

What’s next? She hopes to perform on the international stage, and will produce her own sound soon to bolster her status. Until then, she presents her brand of house and funk featuring the likes of Chris Stussy, Toman, DJOKO, and Sidney Charles for a one-hour mix.