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Sudanese Rap Group The C!rcle Stay True to Themselves in ‘Sin-See-er’

The Sudanese diaspora rap collective have a lot to say about resisting the allures of daily challenges to their faith in new single.

Tri-continental rap collective, The C!rcle, have a lot to say about staying true to oneself in their new track ‘Sin-See-er’.

With G-Salih, Keyz, Eaz Da Bully, and Aidy Proof in their ranks, the hip-hop collective boasts some of the finest Sudanese artists residing in the diaspora. With a hint of the track’s focus evident in the title, Sin-See-er plays on sincerity and sin, as well as the age-old struggle of pursuing an ‘honest’ life true to one’s convictions and beliefs.The conscious group doubles down as they speak of refusing to fall into the trap of drug dealing, despite its allure in their daily realities, experiences, and environments. The conscious group also speaks of practicing their religious faith and asking for help from God.

The beat, with a sample heavily influenced by West Coast rap, borrows inspiration from the likes of Snoop Dogg-esque synthesisers from the 1990s. Mixed in with the snappy percussion heard in East Coast boom-bap rap and the Sudanese collective’s vocals pertaining to British trap, the single produces a cultural fusion of sounds. With diverse sources of inspiration, 'Sin-See-er' essentially serves as a melting pot of cultural aesthetics disguised as a track.