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Sudanese Super-Group The C!rcle Want You to ‘Love A Lil’ in New Video

The simple message of the video is to behave better than Tac Plg’s character...

In an age of music videos often characterised by obscure visuals, Sudanese group The C!rcle show how it’s done simply in their new music video ‘Love A Lil’, a witty video with a central message to love one another. Known for their fusions of soul and hip hop, the group keeps going smoothly on the mic over a dulcet boom bap hip hop beat. 

The video features Tac Plg as the main character, AKA Keyz as the waiter with the juice, Eaz Da Bully as the valet, and finally, Aidy Proof as the bathroom cleaner.The video revolves around Tac treating all three workers in a horrible manner, spilling the juice at the waiter, splashing water on the valet, and leaving the bathroom as messy as they come. The main message, simply, is to be better than Tac was, and as the trio says, to “Love A Lil.”