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US-Based Rapper Anees Preaches Self-Love in 'Drunk on Myself'

The Palestinian-Lebanese artist delivers another jolly and all-around charming ditty.

There are few rappers of similar, or even close, disposition to Anees. The US-based Lebanese-Palestinian artist’s latest track proves as much, seeing him preach that seemingly elusive thing called self-love.

In ‘Drunk on Myself’, Anees is king of his own kingdom, he's charming, funny and witty - according to him, of course. We can't argue about too much, these have become hallmarks of his music and this is no different, presented of course in tongue-in-cheek spirit.The message, though, remains, that sentiment of self-care and self-acceptance - not topics you’ll often find a rapper taking on, but then Anees is no ordinary rapper.