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Uzu's Latest Music Video 'Nikes' Is a Trippy Ode to Egyptian Youth

Drifting cars, eerie bunny masks, and a bold Uzu representing his courage and wit in the latest music video of ‘Nikes’, which also sees Egyptian producer 77 in the mix.

The next big thing, Egyptian rapper Uzu has been dominating the scene in the last couple of months with an EP dropped on NYE, repping FreshMeat in January at Cairo Jazz Club, followed by a huge concert night at Cairo Jazz Club 610 just a couple of weeks ago. The talent has been working relentlessly, adding a visual treat to the mix, releasing the music video for his hit ‘Nikes’, alongside prolific Egyptian producer 77.

Directed by MAJICK, who worked his magic in this video, making the use of simple and easily manageable shots but with raving mad edits and filters, keeping the audience engaged at all times. The video commences with Uzu checking the trunk of a car with what looks like his “partner in crime” in a bunny mask, as the track kicks off as soon as he closes the trunk. Uzu is then seen doing his thing on a roof of a building with his entourage, with a close-up of them representing the importance of a good support system.

Throughout the chorus, Uzu hops out the window of the cruising car and starts performing for the road. The second part of the video sees Uzu getting in the studio with 77, reminiscing the time where they first recorded the song, and the excitement could be seen on both of them while working in a blue-neon empty studio. Uzu is finally seen in another drifting car, proving courage and boldness as the chorus hits again with Uzu on the road.

Watch the full video below.