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Wegz Tests Out Different Colors In New Single ‘ElBakht’

His last three releases include a hip hop single, a disco-pop track, and an afro-pop single.

After solidifying his name among the top stars of Middle Eastern hip hop, Egyptian star Wegz has been testing out new colors in his recent releases, demonstrating his versatility.

 Following up his mega-hit ‘Keify Keda’ in collaboration with Disco Misr, Wegz continues his experimentation with divergent musical colors in new single ‘ElBakht’, going in an afro-pop inspired direction. The single’s producer, Rageh, offers a dulcet beat, making the use of a mellow guitar-riff and a violin countermelody for additive movement over the afrobeat-inspired drum arrangement – but with some tweaks, for a more personalized touch. Wegz keeps cool, calm, and collected with his delivery, opting food a smooth flow rather than his usual in-your-face bars, expressing his feelings towards a certain woman in his life to the extent of stating that “my thoughts are all on you, I can’t control it.”

The track garnered nearly a whooping one million views in less than 12 hours, proving Wegz’s power and influence within the music scene.