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Cairo-Based Studio Figurati Design Popping Airbnb in Portugal

Inspired by the coastal aesthetics of Porto, Studio Figurati attempted to bring in all of the city’s visuals into an Airbnb that is popping with colour and pattern.

Inspiration comes in many forms, sometimes its small elements that leave an impact on us and push for ambition, and other times it’s the other way around, as we get overwhelmed by the beauty of a large thing that makes us want to recreate it with an attainable scale. The latter was the case when Studio Figurati, a Cairo-based product and interior design studio, designed an Airbnb in Porto, Portugal. Popping with colour and patterns, the design features simple yet effective depictions of elements within the city, such as abstract florals, wavy skirting and a Gucci Heron wallpaper.

“The passionate owner of this beachside Airbnb in Porto wanted a unique interior. So we decided to bring the entire city inside,” Founder Ahmed Wassef tells #SceneHome.  “Porto’s got a special feeling to it. I remember capturing a moment by the beach and the natural palette got me wanting to make the room a microcosm of the city, taking its aesthetic indoors.”

“A wavy double skirting is fitted with lights, the candle holder has a floral design and we custom made the door knobs as fish,” Wassef continues. Studio Figurati created a visual identity that organises and simplifies the aesthetics of the city, all while defining a clear hierarchy through the clever assignment of these elements.

This was the second time the studio worked with the owner of this Airbnb, and as always with the experimental by nature designers, they gave it their all to create something authentic. The entrance is flashy yellow, enveloped by blue and white checkers that are symbolic of traditional Portuguese tiling.

While the bed exudes vintage vibes, the wallpaper behind is all but the opposite. “Gucci’s Heron wallpaper was avoidable, it’s a sensation. Wanting to maintain our inspiration we asked for it in blue.” On one side is a floral candle holder that was designed by the studio in an abstract form, showing that simplicity at times can still look detailed and beautiful. Below, indirect lighting beams from the wavy double skirting.

“Design is simple when you’re inspired, it all becomes about adding meaning to products and interiors,” Wassef says. When designers approach hospitality wanting to bring aesthetics from the outdoors inside, it can easily go wrong. But when done right, like in Studio Figurati’s case, well, it’s quite the spectacle.