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Cue Your Space Up With These Customizable Tabletop Games By Kito’s

When forced to part ways with his billiards table, Ahmed El Shazly decided to change how they looked instead with his new brand, Kito’s Tables, which customises game tables for your homes.

So there’s some empty space in your home and that third sofa surely feels like a good idea. Okay, that’s a sensible option, but how about something sensible AND fun? Like, say, an immaculately crafted billiards table covered with dazzling marble and woodwork, which can be turned into a meeting table? Or consider perhaps an outdoor dining table that can be flipped to play table tennis. You’ll find those and more at Kito’s Tables, a brand founded in 2019 by Ahmed El Shazly, a portfolio manager in the US stock market, who wanted to revisit how we look at game tables.

“I love billiards and had my own table until I got married and moved, the comment it got was that it didn’t look nice,” El Shazly tells #SceneHome. “Why can’t they look stylish and fit in contemporary spaces? The concept was to make them look good without compromising gameplay.”

Importing Belgian marble which doesn’t deform when the cue ball comes crashing in during its 8-ball chase, these tables have immaculate cushioning and pockets to ensure games are sublime and flawless. Plus, it’s good to have tables well-crafted and eliminate excuses when your guest loses. Fair game.

The tables’ form is covered with Egyptian marble, with rich veins creating the renowned visuals that establish an intriguing aura. Aside from their first client being El Sewedy, who picked up three tables on the go, Kito’s tables attracted the likes of Ahmed Hossam Mido, and importantly, designers such as Alchemy Design Studio and The Design Avenue, who placed the fun creations within their interior designs.

Initially, El Shazly was targeting clubhouses but he noticed many homeowners weren’t sure of what to fill their spaces with. “So, why not have some fun? Instead of investing in a third sofa, grab a table and have enjoyable activities with your family and friends.” Kito’s acquired the licence to distribute tennis tables from the French brand, Cornilleau. Unlike billiards, table tennis can be played for fun without many requirements. That is, until you get beaten by your eleven year old nephew who – to your surprise – is a national champ

“I love playing but that doesn’t mean I need to go for something basic,” he continues. “Our tables ensure that those playing competitively and just for fun will enjoy the experience.” And, they’ll look good doing so. Go pick up fun furniture from Kito’s for your home and avoid playing ping pong with young family members.