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Decorama’s Dazzling Flooring Adds Regal Flair to Your Home

Like many success stories, Decorama’s began in a small furniture workshop in 1975, where designer Nabih El Bedewi mastered his craft and got famed for furnishing residences at Fairmont, and Chopard.

We never really appreciate parquet floors, do we? Floors are somehow always beneath our notice - that is, until they start to crack or lose their hue. At Decorama, a furniture store founded by designer Nabih El Bedewi in 1975, quality takes centre stage, making it one of the most sought after providers of parquet and wooden furnishings in Egypt. Their lavish woodwork covers entire suite floors at Fairmont Heliopolis, exclusively frames Chopard stores across the region, and showcases the virtues of exotic teak at Four Seasons First Boat.

Like many success stories, this one started in a small showroom in Heliopolis, alongside an even smaller workshop that crafted only furniture at the time. As it gradually expanded its production lines, Decorama’s founder noticed something in his clientele’s feedback. “People were appreciating the quality of our furniture, but when they would put them in their homes, the floors wouldn’t match that standard, or aesthetics,” El Bedewi tells #SceneHome. Answering the requests of the masses, Decorama added parquets to their comprehensive portfolio of wooden wonders.

“Traditional parquets used to be thin, surfaced and hand painted after they’ve been assembled, the issue was that they used to leak water causing them to toil,” El Bedewi explains. “Nowadays engineered parquet is made of several layers and can be assembled easily.” The sheets that exit the factory are ready-made to be put together, like puzzle pieces. The finer – and final – layer can be anything from ash, cherry, or walnut wood, or even all the above put together in spectacular designs.

“Clients and designers request custom patterns all the time, they can be in squares, circular, or straight lines arranged in wonderful arrays that could even have inlays of different materials,” El Bedewi adds. This versatility is one of the main draws of Decorama’s floorings, which drew renowned design firms such as Hany Saad Innovations and Mona Hussein Design House to its customizability. “Some ask for specific features, like adding a metallic layer to a floral design,” El Bedewi says. In one instance, precious Swarovski crystals were embedded in a dressing room’s floor, setting the mood for a night of glamour.

“Wooden floors provide warmth and a sense of richness that enhances the aesthetics of a space,” El Bedewi continues. There is certainly a difference between stepping barefoot on ceramics or marble, than on cherry wood parquet embedded with precious stone. And although they do need care, it’s often worth it. The thickness of these floors range from three millimetres to six; the thicker they are the more they can be resurfaced. “For example, a four millimetre floor can last up to thirty years.” Well, what if it's thicker? “Just double that!” El Bedewi replies.