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Designer Hana Hegazy Does High-Concept Homes Without Breaking the Bank

Entrepreneur and mother of two, Fayrouz Eid’s life is demanding, to say the least - but with the help of designer Hana Hegazy, she has created a perfect home, without spending a small fortune.

Contrary to popular belief, you needn’t spend a small fortune to achieve your dream home - all you need is some creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, qualities that can take any kind of budget and turn a space into something special.

Egyptian interior designer, Hana Hegazy, has become something of an expert at creating high-concept living spaces with modest budgets and there are few better examples than her work with longtime friend, Fayrouz Eid. As an entrepreneur and mother of two, Fayrouz lives life at breakneck speed, but Hegazy has found the perfect balance for her demanding life, turning a modest apartment into a stunning space that fuses design and functionality to tick all of Fayrouz’s boxes with a manageable budget.