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Dreaming of Italy’s Amalfi Coast in This Render by Refined Studio

Two curved stairways spiral out of this conceptual design, one leads straight into the Mediterranean Sea and the other to the roof to bask under the soft Italian sun.

Refined Studio, a Cairo-based visualisation studio, provides classes that allow its students to master architectural and interior concepts. In this vision, student and artist Habiba El Sharkawy managed to immaculately recreate The Line Visualisation’s concept, which is set off Amalfi Coast in Italy.

The conceptual design is meant as a shelter, depicting an isolated residence tucked into the bottom of a cliff. If you’re having any practicality concerns about how a residence like this would be accessed, well, it’s Amalfi. You’re on a boat. Regardless, the visual isn’t meant to be viewed through a functional lens as it achieved its ultimate goal of evoking a sense of summertime dreaming.