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Grace Fills the Spaces of This Allegria Villa by Hany Saad Innovations

Located at the heart of Sheikh Zayed, this villa designed by Hany Saad immerses you in a tasteful array of decorations and vast spaces that are imbued with a sense of grace.

Tasteful arrays of decoration fill the spacious areas of this graceful Allegria villa in Sheikh Zayed. Designed by Hany Saad Innovations, it presents a stunning representation of modern mansion designs that have it all, from exotic materials that radiate colour and orient spaces, to wall-to-wall windows offering panoramic vistas that bring a light, airy feel to the house. Inspired by contemporary French lifestyle, the firm’s relentless approach towards quality resulted in a luxurious living experience that is aligned by strong lines and covered in Calacatta marble, among other striking textures.

“The interiors are ageless due to a light-handed, sparse approach to decorating that ensures they never appear outmoded,” Hany Saad tells SceneHome, referring to the many spaces of this completely renovated and restyled residence. Aside from the ordinary rooms that are essential to any home, the villa also includes an indoor home theatre, spa, studio, and a lush garden paired with a sleek outdoor pool. Then there’s the indoor pool, where the most delicate of poolside deck furniture draw the space into a progressive dynamism that begs the question, to swim or to chill?

Neatly resting on the natural wood floor of the indoor poolside deck, a triage of delicate furniture with a variety of easy twists, tilts and turns display Saad’s delectable furnishing choices. A sliced circle offers pristine lounging that basks under natural sunlight while a set up geared towards entertaining has finishes that are so smooth, that the thought of them being as comfortable as their curvatures and texture looks is frankly unsettling. The chaise lounges on the other hand give their comfort away with their clear ergonomic and contemporary design that is ideal for a quick read before - quite literally - sliding off of them into the water.

Moving up from the basement, the villa presents another dimension of Saad’s design work. “Upon entering, you’ll immediately notice the tasteful decorations and spacious areas,” Saad says, pointing at a grand piano that greets you while matching the delectable black marble patterns, contrasting strikingly with white lines and shapes with subtle sophistication.

“In order to achieve coherence, selecting the appropriate materials to coordinate the mental perception of space necessitated a high level of attention to detail,” Saad continues. “Using natural and engineered wood in the façade was a necessity, and this was reflected in the interiors by using dark tones with natural components.” These tones, however, weren’t applied to the furnishings, which have vivid colour blocks that marks each room with a distinct ambiance and extends its beauty.

The interiors are complemented by the architecture’s high ceilings and bare glass windows that create canvases with their strong lines and defined shapes. A simple series of golden geometric mirrors, for example, reflect both the foyer and the atrium’s minimal handrail designs.

“Simplicity and careful use of texture is what defines this home,” Saad says. Not that there is any doubt of that, but here’s your proof. In the living area, a wall is covered by graphite marble slabs with light grey veins masquerading in dazzling visuals while a ‘simple’ portrait of Beth Harmon from The Queen's Gambit appears - due to the contrast in visuals - as a portal into the 1960s.

Everything in this villa was customised to make it absolutely unique. Mosaic art was designed and assembled by SICIS ‘The Art Mosaic Factory’. “They are well known for high quality tesserae that add a contemporary dimension, combining chromatic mixes and decorative patterns,” Saad explains.

“We have strict procedures in place to ensure that the construction matches the design specs,” Saad goes on to say. “By overseeing the execution we verify that it follows the initial intent and delivers the desired outcome.” When you design to the pedigree of this firm, you might as well see the project to its end yourself. Few would match this design firm’s iconic sophistication but then again, what’s new about that?