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How Form Studio Reflects Cult’s Youthful Vibe With Eye Popping Mirrors

When the owner of Cult, a recently opened eatery in Sheikh Zayed, wanted her restaurant to look hip and captivating, she turned to Form Studio’s functional furniture to do the trick.

If you’re in the mood for Instagram-able matcha lattes and exotic acai bowls, there’s few places better than Cult, a recently opened  eatery in Sheikh Zayed. While our friends at SceneEats dug into their bagels and hot chocolates and make-your-own pancakes, we were dazzled by its contrasting visuals. Flamboyant mirrors offer multicoloured reflections of Cult’s customised furniture, juxtaposed by red bricks on one side and slick mirrors on the other.

Wishing to spread this sort of fresh design and vibrant colour, Libyan designer Engi Jaouda founded Form, a product and interior design studio with a focus on sculptural elements that are intentionally customised for interiors, altering how they are perceived and brilliantly adding pleasing aesthetics. 

Born and raised in Egypt, Jaouda studied interior and spatial design in London before returning to work for Eklego Design Studio. Afterwards, she took over the post of design manager at her family’s business before founding Form. Since its launch at the end of 2020, the studio has managed to release multiple collections inspired by nature. We don’t just mean trees and beaches and windswept fields of swaying grass. We mean, like, molecular chemistry, from which their ‘Casata’ mirrors were inspired.

It was mirrors like these that caught the eye of Cult’s owner, and prompted her to take up Form’s services. “The owner wanted something that reflected her brand as hip, captivating, and ahead of its time,” Jaouda tells #SceneHome. “It was important for us to reflect its quirkiness and youthful, upbeat spirit.”

The mirrors on the bar are slick and linear, maintaining the colour palette of the signature mirror which centres the space and acts as a focal point. “The response was to contrast two vibes; the shine and slickness of futurism, and the rough tones and textures of industrialism,” Jaouda explains. “As you walk in on the concrete flooring, it feels as though you’re breaking away from reality. Looking up, the exposed ceiling and brick walls are countered by colourful mirrors.”

Made up of flamboyantly overlapping curvatures, the mirrors offer multicoloured reflections of the interior. “The design elements draw the eye and inherently regulate a certain flow within the space,” Jaouda adds. “I wanted to explore the possibilities of their colours and forms, and how to alter spaces through reflections.” 

The studio worked with Cult’s brand designers on colour choices that best conveyed the store’s concept, which changed according to seating arrangements. While the outdoors seating basks in sunlight, the interior features individual seats facing brick walls, providing a textured background for online meetings. The lounge includes customised furniture that are hued after the brand’s identity. 

“Soothing mint and unsaturated warmth construed a vivid palette that adapts to lighting and seasons,” Jaouda says. “It was vital to include the brand’s ethos within the space while making each zone distinct and memorable.”

The studio’s work is a testament to how furniture and decorations can serve a function while adding lively aesthetics within spaces. With colour and flair, Form demonstrates the most stylish way to twist minds and perspectives while giving you something pretty to look at. Take a seat and enjoy the coffee steam and mirrors.