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Inside the Enlightening World of Egyptian Architecture Firm BLCK

“BLCK is not a colour, it’s a way of life,” according to a company that sees opportunity in every detail and in its relentless pursuit for perfection.

According to architects Ahmed Dsuki, Amena Mashhour, Aly Adel and Mohamed Mashhour ‘black’ or rather BLCK is not just a colour, but also “a way of life” - a design ethos in and of itself. Not only is it the name of the design firm they established in 2016, but also it informs their aesthetic ideals. 

To them BLCK embodies simplicity and effortlessness, the intricate details that may not be visible to the untrained eye and yet define the pursuit of perfection. Black, or ‘BLCK’ is the “calm in the storm” and indeed stepping into any of the stunning spaces they have created and curated - including project with Palm Hills Developments and Talaat Moustafa Group - is like stumbling across a picture-perfect pocket of pristine serenity amidst the whooshing whirlwind of daily life. 

We invite you to scroll through their visions and uncover the BLCK way of design… and life.

A picture containing wall, step

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The steps are bridged with soft, slip-resistant wood extending onto the staircase landing to allow for a comfortable ascent. A rubbed rustic finish on the wall sets a calm tone.  

A picture containing indoor, floor, building, room

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BLCK don’t use black (as a colour) that often. When they do, it’s subtle – a single marble slab for example, lightly peppered lighting fixtures, a black-hand rail juxtaposed against a white staircase.  

A picture containing indoor

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An abstract red grizzly bear placed under a skylight in front of an entrance may not make sense. 

A picture containing ceiling, indoor, window

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Lighting fixed along the curved intersection of straight wooden beams and a round arch pathway that is open halfway. The skylight supplements this design by providing essential natural lighting serving a greater function than aesthetics. 

A picture containing indoor

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Natural light floods this courtyard through a square wooden lattice skylight. The space features a honed moon-white granite countertop housing plants and pretty things.


Poolside cushions with linear black strips and composite blue patterns complement the pool’s tiles.

A picture containing text, grass

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The layout is designed for ease of movement. One is invisibly guided through the spaces seamlessly and instinctually. It all just makes ‘sense’ 


Round woven straw wall décor demonstrates how overlapping circles placed on a ribbed wall creates a geometrical play that is simple yet visually sophisticated.  

A picture containing indoor, furniture

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Clear-cut white marble with black veins emphasized by a linear array of wooden beams present a sleek visual backdrop for your Netflix sessions. 

A living room with a chandelier

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A graduated ambient chandelier is fixed above modular triangle gold-framed glass tables nested atop a green marble block embedded with white veins. This is a living room designed to represent a rudimental expression of the colour black. It’s timeless.